Keeper of Secrets


Not all power lay in the hands of kings. Behind the scenes, in the shadows and back rooms, many a peace is brokered and many a war won before the first sword is drawn. A Keeper of Secrets has eyes and ears in every nook, every overlooked place, and gathers every savory morsel of information he can. Combining the ars arcana with a hands-on understanding of how the world of men turns, a Keeper of Secrets may not know what is in the heart of every man, but he is certainly trying to find out.

Requirements: Wizard, trained in Diplomacy and Insight.


Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy (1st Level)
While magic is powerful, there is just no substitute for a pair of eyes in the right place.
The Keeper of Secrets gains training in Streetwise.

Leverage (1st Level)
Knowledge is power, and having some dirt on a person can go a long way towards having your way with them.
The Keeper of Secrets gains a +2 bonus to Intimidate and Streetwise checks.

Body of Lies (6th Level)
A Keeper of Secrets is a master of finding what is hidden.
The Keeper of Secrets gains a +2 bonus when casting spells with the Exploration, Divination and Illusion keywords.


Sending Stones
You whisper a message into the stone before crushing it. Hundreds of miles away, your ally’s stone begins to vibrate. Raising it to his ear, he crushes it and hears your words.
Level: 1
Category: Exploration
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Special
Component Cost: 50 gp
Market Price: 300 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

You create a pair of sending stones. These stones are attuned to one another and may be destroyed to convey a 25 word message between them. When one of the stones is used and destroyed, the corollary stone begins to vibrate. The vibrating stone must be crushed before the message is delivered.

Your Arcana check determines the distance over which the spell can function.

9 or lower 10 miles
10-19 100 miles
20-29 250 miles
30-39 500 miles
40+ 1000 miles

Special: The stones may be used to send a message across controlled leylines without having to make an Arcana check.

Know All Lies
KeeperofSecrets Utility 2

Daily * Arcane
Standard Action                 Close burst 10
Target: Creatures in burst
Effect: The Keeper of Seccrets may see and hear all creatures in the burst, regardless of intervening terrain and objects.

Sabotage & Subterfuge
KeeperofSecrets Utility 6

A network of spies augmented with magic could impede the sunrise.
Daily * Arcane
Standard Action                 Ranged
Target: An army
Effect: The Keeper of Secrets makes an Arcana Complex Skill Check (3 successes) opposed by the targetted general’s Insight skill.   If the Keeper wins, the targetted army’s movement is halved for the Realm Turn.
Special: Realm Action. May only be used during a Realm Turn.

Keeper of Secrets

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