Hand of Haelyn


Entrusted with special ecclesiastical power, a Hand of Haelyn serves as a Legate of the Orthodox Church. Not all Church business is found at Synod, and the Hand of Haelyn is the Church’s mailed fist on the battlefield. Trained in the arts of War, a Hand of Haelyn marches at the head of Haelyn’s armies.

Requirements: Cleric, Haelyn as patron god.


Austere (1st Level):
The Church dictates that a man discipline his every action, affording him or anyone else any luxury.
Any army accompanied by a Hand of Haelyn gains +10% Strategic Movement.

Loyalty is Assured (1st Level):
The unshakable faith of a Hand of Haelyn inspires incredible loyalty in the men he leads.
Any unit the Hand of Haelyn is attached to gains +1 Morale and +1 Morale Durability.

Strategist (6th Level):
Trained by the Knight-Commanders of the holy Church, the Hand of Haelyn is an artful commander.
The Hand of Haelyn gains a +2 bonus to skill checks made while commanding an army.


Terrible Judgement
HandofHaelyn Attack 1

While chanting a frightful litany, you damn your foe and weaken his resolve.
Daily * Divine, Weapon
Standard Action                 Melee
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom vs. Will
Hit: 2[W] + Wisdom modifier radiant damage and the target’s Will Defense is lowered by 2 until the end of your next turn.

Battlefield Sermon
HandofHaelyn Utility 2

You deliver a rousing oratory, stirring the hearts of your men.
Daily * Divine
Standard Action                 Ranged
Target: A unit in your army
Effect: The targetted unit gains +1 Melee and Ranged Strength.

Simply Chessmen
HandofHaelyn Utility 6

Surveying the battlefield and seeing an advantage, you call out commands and reposition your troops.
Daily * Divine
Standard Action                 Close burst 10
Target: Two allies in burst
Effect: The targets may swap squares.
Special: May be used in Mass Battles and effect Units.

Hand of Haelyn

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