Any man may throw his hands up and ask the empty skies what comes, but only a Farseer can say with a measure of certainty what will be. Dedicated to reading all signs, the stars and the flight of birds, a Farseer stitches together threads of possible futures into the most sought after council in any kingdom.

Requirements: Warlock, trained in History, Arcana and Insight.


Reader of the Stars (1st Level)
The Farseer is able to see threads of the future and often catches a glimpse of his own fate.
The Farseer may use his Intelligence modifier for either their Will or Reflex defense.

Learned Council (1st Level)
The Farseer consults oracles to determine a course of action.
Once per season, the Farseer may re-roll one check made while resolving a random event.

The Signs of War Are Telling (6th Level)
Impending battles are a convergence of fate that the Farseer can study as one studies a knot.
Before a battle, the Farseer may Scout one unit in the opposing army.


Battlefield Insight
Farseer Attack 1

Careful study of the stars reveals your enemy’s secrets.
Daily * Arcane
Standard Action                 Personal
Effect: After all units have been deployed, the Farseer may swap the position of any two allied units.
Special: May only be used during a Mass Battle

Aether Guidance
Farseer Utility 2

You gaze into the future and render valuable council.
Daily * Arcane
Standard Action                 Close burst 5
Target: You or one ally
Effect: The target gains a bonus to their next skill check equal to your Intelligence modifier.


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