Birthright Bloodbath


The heroes mourn their baron, and are granted land and title for their services

Earning some measure of respect from the Oorog shaman, the Scions and their sell-sword Garen The Knife leave the broken tower with their treasures in tow. Rushing ahead of their retinue with all haste the scions tend to wounds and tomes on the long road back to Sonnelind.

En route, Edmund and Kael share a vision of the future in which the baron dies, and Kael announces their late father’s wishes and stakes his claim to the thrown. In the vision, this ends with disaster. Fearing this portent means the worst the Scions make plans to influence the thrown with subtlety and subterfuge over brash rebellion

While in Sonnelind, it is clear that tensions are rising and that many oppose the heir-apparent, Clumnis Dhoesone. The Scions can see the factions among Dhoesone’s nobility as the edges fray. The Rjurik blooded lords tend to side with one another, while among the Anuirean camp two factions emerge; one loyal to crown and law (predominantly Vertico Dhariel and his cousin Rogr Dhariel and another self interested group of social climbers and opportunists

The body of the Valiant Ser Reynald is sent back to it’s birthplace.

Though the scales of Sarimie are held onto by Maxwell Gramarcy, the tome that the church asked for is bartered away for a substantial reward – seeing as how the Scions discovered its likely understated value. The mysterious “Heart of Oak” sought by the druids of the oaken grove are returned with great reward offered.

Both Edmund and the irascible Maxwel Gramaracy are present while the Baron is treated; and though he makes a small recovery, he inevitably passes on. Now invested with his father’s blood, Clumnis Dhoesone takes his throne as Baron of Dhoesone. In an attempt to preserve their safety the Scions attempt to leave Sonnelind, citing a desire to investigate mercantile difficulties in the ports of Nolien. Stopped by Clumnis they find the news is not as bad as anticipated, if not good.

Kael is given the title of Count of Romiene – at the cost of legally swearing allegiance to Clumnis. Begrudgingly, the Scions are now dedicated to removing the suspicious sorcerer from his lawful but unrightful place by politically maneuvering from the inside, rather than outright rebellion.

Clumnis maneuvers to keep his most likely enemies under thumb was also executed to keep their potential power under raps. His own province, Roniele is staggering back to its feet after a disastrous invasion by an army from the Giant Downs. Though most of the creatures have since sailed off into the west, a garrison force lead by a Fomorian and his retinue still occupies the provincial capital of Harper’s Point, and the second largest city, Barstowe, has become barnacled by a shantytown of refugees.

Winter is coming. And the scions have much to do before the snows fall and the adventuring season begins.



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