Barony of Dhoesone


Located in the northernmost extreme of Anuire, the Barony of Dhoesone is isolated from the more settled and civilized portions of the old Empire. In the Northern Marches, life is short and often brutal, and Dhoesone is no exception.

The nearest Anuirean neighbor is the barony of Cariele, just beyond the river Ruide. Baron Entier Glandanil has a reputation as feckless and has proven largely disinterested with his northern neighbors.

More pressing is the sprawling land of Thurazor. Answering only to their warchief, the halfbreeds spend as much time squabbling with themselves as they do raiding Dhoesone’s southern counties.

Deep in the Tauribren’s towering trees is the elven natoin of Taurhievel, occupying the eastern border of Dhoesone. The Taurhievel elves remain largely aloof of human affairs, despising the growth of men and their cities. Relations between the two lands are quite frigid, at times teetering on war, and at other times the elves so aloof that they hardly recognize their neighbors exist.

Along the northeastern border, the Silverhead mountains thrust upwards into the sky, holding back the Giantdowns beyond. Out of the impressive mountains and rolling foothills spills the river Northbryn, the barony’s natural northern border.

Beyond the Northbryn lay the Rjurik jarls. Sjordvik has historically been a neutral party and a safe buffer between Dhoesone and the more bloodthirsty northern jarls, but the Sjordvik king could hardly be called a friend. Even so, the power of the king is waning of late, with the Sjordvik Trading Company on the ascent as the true power behind the throne.


Dhoesone is currently under the rule of Clumnis Dhoesone, the heir apparent to the late baron Ector.

Vassalage Agreement

Taxation: the crown does not require taxation in kind.
Regency: all counties provide the baron with any Regency Points generation from Province Level. Regents may keep RP generated by holdings.
Military Service: all counts are required Knight-service equal to their personal retinue plus one unit of troops per three Province Levels to assist the crown during campaign.

Crown Laws
  • War between vassals is prohibited without the Baron’s consent.
  • The baron reserves the right to fortification – no castle may be erected or improved without royal permission.
  • The crown delegates all military authority beyond Knight-service to Counts.

Internal Factions

In 885 the Anuirean Emperor defeated the King of Hjalsone and added his lands to the Empire. Located far from the Imperial seat, Dhoesone retained its Rjurik customs and ways, her lords known for their long bears and braids. Generations hence, Dhoesone remains largely free from southern influence. The barony is, however, a melting pot of many cultures, each at odds with the other.

Law Factions
  • Anuirean Loyalists
    Many counts can trace their lineage back to the original lords landed in Dhoesone. The grand Holst and Dhariel families, in particular, have enjoyed a storied past. True to Anuirean ideals, these Loyalists are generally Haelynites, and put much stock in the Baronial system, following crown law. For them, service to the crown is a glorious end in itself, and the seat of virtue.
  • Sons of Hjalsone
    Rjukik blood runs hot in the veins of many Dhoesone counts. The northern spirit abhors the shackles of rule, and some counts cast envious gazes northward to the jarldoms just over the river. These men value their independence from crown rule and chafe under crown authority.
Temple Factions
  • Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie
    Dhoesone’s most powerful religious order, the Seramites have flourished in the past centuries as the Northern Marches sent their goods to southern markets. The church of Sera maintains very cordial relationships with the many Guild factions in the barony.
  • Haelyn’s Bastion of Truth
    An offshoot of the Northern Imperial Church, Haelyn’s Bastion of Truth is the Baronial faith. Representative of Anuirean ideals, the church preaches the values of chivalry, service and kingship. Many of the Anuirean Loyalists are staunch supporters of Haelyn.
  • Erik’s Oaken Grove
    The ancient order of druids has a relatively large holding in Dhoesone. Historically, the druids have operated with nearly complete independence and were viewed as sacrosanct by the rjurik people. The Oaken Grove has a neutral relationship with the crown, but often finds itself at odds with the many Guild factions in the barony. The Sons of Hjalsone are, to the one, followers of the Oaken Grove.
Guild Factions
  • Northern Imports & Exports
    The first Anuirean trade company established in the Northern Marches, the Imports & Exports company enjoys much sway throughout the barony. Building on their early successes, the company has become a large banking concern and generations of Barons have relied on the company’s coffers to finance their wars. Mercenary to the core and utterly neutral, Northern Imports & Exports possesses significant holdings in the goblin kingdom of Thurazor.
  • Upper Anuire Traders
    Originally founded as sea-going merchants, the Upper Anuire Traders have invested their considerable wealth in Thurazor and Dhoesone. The Traders’ power has been waning of late, for the Traders are on the losing side of a longstanding guild war with the Stjordvik Traderse.
  • Stjordvik Traders
    Past the Northbryn river, the Stjordvik Traders dominate the exchange of nearly any commodity. On the ascent, the Traders are considered by many the power behind the throne of Stjordvik. Few would argue with such a statement. Her ships operate with almost complete monopoly in the Tael Firth.
  • Andien & Sons
    An offshoot of the larger, ruthless Northlands Exchange, Andien & Sons is the most popular guild among the people of Dhoesone. Considered by the common folk as the common man’s traders, Andien & Sons operates guild halls throughout the Northern Marches. Recently, the guild has expanded into Dantier Island, with an eye on establishing a duty-free trade zone in the Tael Firth.
  • Northlands Exchange
    Few guilds in the north command as much respect or fear as the Northlands Exchange. Inter-married with the Cariele nobility, the guild has unrivaled political clout and a ruthless sense of entitlement that has made them a dominant force in the Northern Marches. Their trade routes occupy the strategic overland roads that lead to the southern Anuireans, and no goods pass through their holdings without considerable duties.

Barony of Dhoesone

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