Lexicanum Preceptus et Ordinaes

Ironbound codex on the Laws of Haelyn.


Property: You gain a +2 Item Bonus to Religion checks.
Property: Powers with the Radiant keyword deal an additional 2 damage.
Property: Powers with the Healing keyword heal an additional 2 hitpoints.


A thick, heavy tome, the Lexicanum Preceptus et Ordinaes is bound in an iron casing depicting the ascent of Anuirias. Two thick rings have been riveted to the spine of the binding and a bronze chain has been run through, allowing the text to be suspended from a belt or worn around the neck.

Inside, the Lexicanum’s vellum folios have been sewn with silk, the pages beautifully illuminated. The text itself is an erudite discourse on the interpretation of Haelyn’s laws and a series of complex philosophical arguments meant to lead the reader towards realizing the primacy of Haelyn’s justice.

Lexicanum Preceptus et Ordinaes

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