Frederick Jagiello's heirloom sword.

weapon (melee)
Weapon Prof Damage Range Weight Properties
Masterwork Bastardsword +3 1d10 4 lbs Versatile
Character Level Property
1 Brutal 1
5 High Crit
Bloodine Level Poperty
1 Truestrike
10 +1d10 on crititical


Masterwork: +1 to hit.

Property (Daily): True Strike
You call to your ancestors to strengthen your swordarm and guide your strike.
Immediate Reaction: You miss with an attack.
Effect: You gain +2 to hit.


Master forged centuries ago, the ancient steel has developed a deep patina. A thick bronze wheel pommel engraved with three bundles of wheat counter-balances a thick, single fullered blade of four and a half hands. Battered and worn from untold combats, the edge remains keen and the cast of the sword is true, unbent in spite of delivering hundreds of killing blows. Three fingers wide at the base, a single fuller runs down blade narrows ending before a chisel point. The thick hexagonal cross section lends the sword great strength for cut or thrust or half-swording. Deep nut brown and capped in bronze, the well-oiled scabbard has three circles of wheat tooled into the leather.


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