Hawk Etched Plate & Maille

Ancient panoply of a Knight of the Hawk

Name Proficiency Armor Bonus Check Speed Weight
Half Plate & Maille Plate +8 -2 -1 50 lbs.

Property (Daily): Spend an Action Point. You do not gain the normal extra action. Instead, you regain the use of one expended daily power.
Property: Whenever you spend a healing surge, gain an additional +2 hitpoints.


Etched into the breastplate are the outspread wings of a hawk displayed, the raptor’s beak open, tongue licking out like a flame, talons outstretched in search of prey. Under the breastplate is a thick, four-in-one hauberk backed by a supple leather coat. Lobstered spaulders drape from the shoulders of the hauberk, riveted in place. Thick whale bone vambraces terminate in heavy leather gauntlets backed in further bone, reinforced with an iron backhand. A checkerboard of iron squares riveted to a leather skirt drape down to cover the maille chausses. A deep patina grants the iron a dark sheen, having drank in much oil throughout years of meticulous care. The many nicks and worked-out dents show the armor’s age.

Hawk Etched Plate & Maille

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