Hawk Embossed Shield

A coal black kite shield embossed with a white hawk displayed.

Type Shield Bonus Check Weight
Heavy Shield +2 -1 15 lbs.

Property (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt: you are hit by an attack. Reduce the damage taken by 1d10 + your Strength modifier.

Property (Daily): Minor action. You gain Damage Reduction 5 (physical) until the start of your next turn.


Tall enough to cover a man from foot to belly, this antiquated aegis is clearly from another era. Furrows along the iron banded edges are evidence of heavy use. Simple but effective strapping along the back allows for the shield to rest comfortably across the forearm or be mounted on the elbow. A thick iron chain suspends from two mounting lugs, allowing the shield to be strapped to a lanyard and hung from a warrior that it may not be lost in the heat of combat.

Hawk Embossed Shield

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