Corpus Illuminatus sum Herbaeum Sanguine

An ancient text on the interactions of alchemy on blooded scions.


A hulking codex from the early Imperial era, the Corpus Herbaeum is an illuminated study of alchemy as it pertains blooded scions. Combining natural philosophy, arcane study and wild speculation, the text plumbs the depths of a little understood field of magical study. When considering the wide variations of bloodlines, their strengths and differing manifestations along side the equally vast body of alchemical study, the text’s girth is hardly a surprise.

Written in High Imperial, a dialect of Anuirean which is only studied in the clergy and among select nobles, the Illuminated Corpus is largely indecipherable to all but the most learned of scholars. Once deciphered, the text remains a hermetic mystery; for to understand its contents requires incredible depth of knowledge in widely varied, niche disciplines. A complex system of glpyhs and created vocabulary further complicate synthesis, the subject at hand having spawned a labyrinthine language all of its own necessary to describe its intricate mysteries.

Corpus Illuminatus sum Herbaeum Sanguine

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