A life-drinking bone rod.

weapon (melee)

Whenever you reduce a cursed creature to 0 hitpoints, Bloodpact gains a pact. The rod can only hold a maximum of 5 pacts. Once per turn, you may spend a Minor Action to release any amount of Pacts. If a target is reduced to 0 hitpoints while releasing pacts, the user gains 5 temporary hitpoints.

Property: +1 to attack rolls.

Pacts Released Effect
1 +2 damage until the end of your turn
1 +1 to hit until the end of your turn
2 1[Curse] damage until the end of your turn

Fashioned from the femur of some great bast, the bone rod has yellowed and taken on a pearlescent polish. Carefully worked to create a seamless cylinder, the only evidence of once having been a creature’s body can be found in the slight arc to the rod. A four sided head of glaes is mounted atop the rod, each side carved to depict the same screaming face. Running down the length of the rod are glyphs carved in very shallow relief, angular and unintelligible. The rod ends on a thick silver cap, counter balancing the heavy head. Hanging from the silver end-cap, suspended by a short leather thong, are several feathers and polished, enruned bone fragments.


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