Blooded Standard of the Errant Knight

A humble standard made venerable through feats of arms.


Once per battle, a unit with the Errant Knight’s standard may re-roll any Morale dice.


A humble standard become venerable through terrible tests of arms against blooded foes. Made by skilled hands of the Dhoesone court, this simple and rugged standard was presented to Ser Frederick – a landless knight – in thanks for his family’s service and to reward his pledge of fealty to the Baron Ector Dhoesone. Fielded in its first battle against the Bloodskull Barony, the banner marched at the head of the army and at Ser Frederick’s right hand. Throughout the course of the battle, its white field could be seen flying above the site of the thickest fighting, never falling once. By battle’s end, it had been stained with the blood of two fallen Bloodskull champions. In battles hence, the banner would stand as a testament to Anuirean skill at arms, inspiring those near it to glory.

Blooded Standard of the Errant Knight

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