Vertico Dhariel

Honorable count of Dharilien.


Born the eldest son to Gwenaël the Bold, a famed adventurer of the north and count of Dharilien, Vertico Dhariel has a lineage of honor and triumph. Fostered at Haelyn’s Bastion of Truth under James Ardannt, the young Vertico learned the teachings of Haelyn: justice, honor and duty. Years hence, he remains one of the most steadfast of Dhoesone’s lords, a man of iron will and spotless reputation. His land borders the Blood Skull Barony, and Vertico regularly has to defend his birthright from marauding armies.

He is married to Lileas Mhoried and has one son by her, Amaury. Vertico’s cousin Rogr Dhariel holds the county of Hidalee.

Vertico Dhariel is lord of Castle Dharilton, the House of Stones. He holds the fief of Dharlien for the Baron of Dhoesone.

Vertico Dhariel

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