Thjobald Bjondrig

Rjurik blooded count of Bjondrig.


A man apart, Thjobald Bjondrig is caught between opposing furies and beset on all sides by conflicting loyalties. Son of the disgraced Richard Bjondrig, Thjobald has inherited a weak patrimony and family ties on both sides of the Northbryn River. Raised in the Rjurik fashion and ruler over a largely Rjurik people, Thjobald must carefully balance his loyalties to his heritage with those to his lord, Ector Dhoesone. Thjobald is a great lover of the hunt and a follower of Erik.

Thjobald’s wife, Brenna, was taken by the shivering plague nearly a decade ago. He has two daughters, Freya and Brandi.

Thjobald Bjondrig is lord of Firthwatch Keep and count of Bjondrig.


Thjobald Bjondrig

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