Rogr Gaskard

Crooked and greedy count of Tradebhein.


Inheritor of a once-great bloodline, Rogr Gaskard has little left of his family’s proud name and bearing. A complex figure, cowardly but proud, craven yet tactful, Rogr Gaskard rules his county by keeping all beneath him too weak to challenge him. Largely indifferent to the conduct of the guilds – so long as they pay their taxes, by the gods! – his power is founded on extortion rather than loyalty. Generally detested by the counts Dhariel and Nolien, Gaskard has few friends, and only the Holst and Huire families maintain any ties with him.

Rogr Gaskard took Jadrien Brynnor of Mhoried for a wife, though she has been ‘visiting her mother’ for over a decade. Rogr has no recognized offspring.

Rogr Gaskard is lord of Storm’s Rest and count of Tradebhein.


Rogr Gaskard

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