Rogr Dhariel

Skilled administrator, count of Hidalee and cousin to Vertico Dhariel


Son of Aulay Dhariel, Rogr Dhariel can claim to have inherited one of the most renown bloodlines of the North. Though lacking the heroics of his cousin Vertico, Rogr is a skilled administrator and negotiator, and is able to accomplish as much or more through diplomacy than Vertico through arms.

Rogr is unhappily married to Tieghan Gaskard and has a son, William Rogr, and a daughter, Faelen. Rogr has been rumored to have pursued illicit relationships with women outside of his household.

Rogr Dhariel is Count of Hidalee and lord of Caer Ulgren. Politically, Rogr has followed his cousin’s lead.

Rogr Dhariel

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