Marcus Holst

Cantankerous, seditious count of Ruidewash


Marcus Holst’s position is a product of extensive bloodletting within the Holst family. Marcus’ older brother, Peter, was slain by the Gheallie Sidhe two decades ago. The younger brother, Walter, was killed by goblins of Thurazor soon after, leaving Marcus as the sole inheritor of his family’s estates. Considered the least capable and worthy of the three brothers by far, Marcus has held on to his patrimony through guile, manipulation, bribery and underhanded dealing. Happily willing to play any faction off another, Holst is rumored to be on the pay-roll of the three leading guilds in Dhoesone. Fiercely independent, Holst often refuses to pay taxes (or only pays in part) to his lord Baron for what Marcus considers ‘needless meddling and tyranny’.

Marcus is unmarried and, as far as the nobility of Dhoesone can tell, no serious prospects. His age advances and he is without heir.

Marcus Holst is lord of Stagheart Castle and Count of Ruidewash.


Marcus Holst

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