James Ardannt

Warrior priest and Hierarch of Haelyn's Bastion of Truth.


Like many prominent figures in Dhoesone, James Ardannt began his career as an adventurer and has found his calling as a leader of men. As a young man, Ardannt fought alongside GwenaĆ«l Dhariel, father of Dhariel’s current count. Beset by an expanding church of Sarimie domestically and by Bloodskull Raiders and giants from without, Haelyn’s Bastion of Truth needed a leader of men and a warrior more than a politician. In Ardannt, they found a soldier and a general, if a poor administrator. Ardannt is still fiery in his older age, and though the years have left him unable to adventure he can still lead an army to battle.

The faith of the nobility has been questioned recently by reverses suffered at Harper’s Point, and Ardannt has sought reinforcements from greater Anuire. At his behest, companies of knights now make pilgrimage to the frigid north to serve Haelyn’s Bastion in her hour of need.


James Ardannt

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