Ingric Coelfrithsson

Hot tempered Rjurik blooded count of Giant's Fastness


Dhoesone is a mixture of cultures, and Ingric Coelfrithsson is a shining example of the older northern blood. Rugged, straight forward, honest in his anger and genuine in friendship, Ingric has ruled Giant’s Fastness and held off the Blood Skull Barony since his father Ceolfrith Gardarsson’s death at the hands of orogs some years ago. Brought up in the brooding forests bordering Taurhievel and in the foothills of the Silverhead Mountains, Ingric lacks the polish of a more Anuirean education. True to his Rjurik blood, Ingric is more comfortable on the trail or in the field than at court and rules his lands by consent more than birthright.

Ingric remains unmarried. He has two younger brothers, Dane and Lorens. He is very close with his sister, Ingrid.

Ingric Coelfrithsson is lord of Caer Gyrknell and is Count of Giant’s Fastness.


Ingric Coelfrithsson

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