Gaelen Riven

Belicose Count of Riveside.


Tall, thick, with a booming voice, Gaelen Riven one of the few ‘fighting counts’ left in Dhoesone and regularly leads his men against raiders. Considered a knight’s knight, Gaelen Riven loves few things except fighting, tourney, women and war. Quick to temper, with fierce opinions and no diplomatic ability what so ever, Gaelen’s relationships with the court of Dhoesone are strained to say the least. Devoutly loyal to Baron Ector Dhoesone until losing his son Colier at the battle of Harper’s Point last year, Gaelen has become a more brooding man of late. Vocal in his disagreements with the aging Baron, Gaelen has largely retreated from politics.

Married to Briende Huire. Father to Alara and Erin and the late Colier.

Lord of Rivewatch Castle, Count of Riveside.

Gaelen Riven

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