Daeric Holst

Reclusive count of Soniele.


Daeric Holst was born a true wizard and has spent his entire life in pursuit of arcane knowledge. Acting as Court Mage to the Baron’s court in Sonnelind, Holst enjoys a certain amount of deference in Dhoesone. Seen as aloof by many in the kingdom, Daeric Holst does little to change this fact; indeed, he is rarely seen at court unless summoned by his baron and spends nearly all of his time in study.

Daeric Holst was betrothed to Aithne Dhariel, but the shivering plague ended the maiden’s life before they were married. Daeric has no recognized children or siblings.

Daeric Holst is lord of Rotherham Tower and count of Soniele.


Daeric Holst

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