Clumnis Dhoesone

Young lord of Romiene recently raised to Baron of Dhoesone.


Holding the royal demense of Romiene, Clumnis Dhoesone has inherited his late brother Willem’s fief and position as heir apparent to the kingdom of Dhoesone. Just past his eighteenth mid-summer, Clumnis, ‘Cluny’ amongst those close to him, has been studying under court magician Count Daeric Holst. Obsessed with overcoming the looming spectre of his dead brother, Clumnis has developed into an grasping, scheming lad, given over to avarice, flights of terrible caprice and cruelty.

Clumnis is currently unmarried.

Son to Ector Dhoesone. Brother of the late Willem Dhoesone II.

Clumnis Dhoesone

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