Ector Dhoesone

Aged Baron of Dhoesone.


The venerable Baron of Dhoesone, Sir Ector is the nearly seventy year old regent of Sonnelind. Called the Iron King of The North by southern Anuirean nobles, Ector has held his barony for thirty years since inheriting from his late father, Willem.

Tall with a gaunt, harshly featured face, his shock of white hair and snow white beard show an age his clear, hard blue eyes do not. Given to speaking plainly, often sharply, with those close to him, he is not a man known for his kindness or love.

His three wives have produced only two children, Willem II and Clumnis. Rumors abound that the Baron has sired several bastards, going so far as to keep at least one at court.

Ector Dhoesone is the lord of Sonnelind, keeping the province as the royal demense.

Ector Dhoesone fell ill shortly before his campaign to defend his lands from an attack from the Giantdowns and succumbed to his illness sometime in the week following.

Ector Dhoesone

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