Alyenor Mhoried-Dhoesone

Young scion of the Mhoriet family politically matched to the Baron.


Barely twenty years old, Alyenor Mhoried is a third the age of her husband. A daughter of the Mhoried family, Dukes of the ancient Anuirean duchy of Mhoried, she was sent north to wed an elderly warrior-king in an effort to cement political gains for her family. Though she spends precious little time at court, she has left the impression that she is capricious and cruel. Her long trips through the kingdom’s less civilized areas, ostensibly to ‘get to know her people’ have afforded her much time away from her busy Baron.

Alyenor Mhoried is one of three daughters to her father Aleksandr Mhoried. She has no children.

Alyenor Mhoried is Baroness of Dhoesone.

Alyenor Mhoried-Dhoesone

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