Alaric Huire

Domineering and cruel count of Sidhuire.


Alaric Huire has never been accused of being a kind man. Demanding unquestioning loyalty from his bannermen, Huire rules his county with a severe hand. Homely and lacking the outward splendor of many blooded lords, Huire is possessed of an incredible strength of personality that manifests in powerful rhetorical ability. Considered conniving and ruthless by nearly all in Dhoesone, Huire commands respect and fear none the less.

Alaric Huire is married to Bhaeli Dhoesone, cousin to the baron Ector. Alaric utterly dominates his wife, and she is rarely seen and never heard in court. Alaric Huire recognizes only one child, his 14 year old daughter Oerwinde, who all consider to have inherited her father’s cruelty and cunning.

Huire is lord of Knutesford Castle and count of Sidhuire.

Alaric Huire

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