Aedric Nolien

Fiercely loyal and hot-tempered count of Nolien.


Large, loud and aggressive, Aedric Nolien’s polarizing personality inspires loyalty or hatred in whoever he meets. A lover of drink, women, brawling and the hunt, Aedric Nolien is a shining example of the ‘barbarian kings’ of the north, and close friends with the more reserved Vertico Dhariel and Dane Coelfrithsson. Though quick to anger and faster to fight, Aedric carries no grudges. Utterly incapable of guile, Aedric has no patience for subtlety or negotiation: he wants what he wants now and will do whatever he can to get it. His attitudes and capabilities make him a fine soldier, but only a passing general and a disaster as a member of court.

Aedric Nolien is devoted to his wife Carienne Harvardsdotter, and they have a son, Ruormad Nolien and a daughter Darnae Nolien.

Aedric Nolien is the lord of Aerlen’s Rock and count of Nolien.

Aedric Nolien

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