Birthright Bloodbath

Squatters Rights

Our heroes take up swords for the first time for the good of their realm

Much effort goes into establishing the new court of Romiene. The new lords hear talk of many troubles within the province: disturbances in the mines that have halted production, a mysterious tower that seems to be home to dangerous elements, and raids from Oorog and hobgoblin bandits that are crippling trade and development. Weighing their options and short on resources, the lords strike out first to quell the bandit tribe.

En route they are met by a storied knight of the realm, Ser Lionel. He entices the lords to seek his council,, asking only that they prove their worth by returning to him with proof they have slain a Fomorian he scouted out by their own hands. Taking time to consider this, Ser Lionel and his followers were invited to be guests at the keep in Barstowe while his request was considered.

Outside the goblin’s redoubt- a ruined fort- the lords encamped, leaving their men and Brother Eamon to watch the outer walls as they infiltrated on foot. Maxwel Gramaracy used his deft tongue and beguiling magics to get the party in without detection, and soon the lords of Romiene were carving their way through Oorog and hobgoblin alike, seeking the bandit leader in the hopes of breaking the groups will.

After a brutal fighting they managed to slay an alchemist who had been supplying the raiders with his expertise. A captive in tow, and the kitchen at their disposal, the lords planned a daring attack. Basting a boar in poisons they feed the feasting Oorogs a toxic meal, and then attacked amid their eating. Clever tactics and deadly magic pitched a hopeless battle in the favor of the lords, though even then they barely stumbled out with the Oorog leader’s head in hand, his remaining forces at the whim of a lazy fomorian underling.

p. During the assault, a scout among the fighting-men sent with the lords, a man named Jevel, distinguished himself as a stalwart warrior. Kael made promise to knight him for his valor when the party returned to Barstowe. p. But there was still the matter of the Fomorian…



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