Birthright Bloodbath

Session 1: Ill Tidings

Our heroes meet and are accosted on the road home

The heroes are sent by Ector Dhoesone to retrieve a man who is of some significance to the regent. While doing so, the crafty Maxwell Gramarcy manages to establish contacts among a Rjurik mercenary company called The Greymantles. Meanwhile, Father Eamon and Ser Frederick earn the wary stares of northmen for their proselytizing and antagonizing respectively.

On the road home, the heroes and their escort spy a broken wagon, and when they halt to offer help are attacked by the wagons owner: brigands in disguise. Abandoned by their turncloak escort our heroes put down the bandits. Upon questioning a survivor, they find that the highwaymen worked at the behest of a Rjurik noble who has oft turned his reavers against Dhoesone. Returning to Sonnelind, the heroes attend a feast held by the Baron. He and his bannermen are to march north and face an encroachment by the Orogs and beasts of the Bloodskull Barony. But no sooner are plans made then word comes of a Rjurik raids along the riverlands in the south.

It is revealed in this session that both Content Not Found: Edmund and Kael are bastard sons of the Baron. The regent’s displeasure with his last trueborn son, the wizard Clumnis Dhoesone has led him to search out scions of his loins to groom as possible successors.

Father Eamon converts Kael to the church of Haelyn and calls upon his superiors to provide soldiers for the coming battle.



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