Birthright Bloodbath

Experience & Rewards for delving into the Broken Tower

Handyman: 50 xp
Garrin the Knife joins the party and performs in a vital thievery role.

Antiquing! (Phase 1): 100 xp
Acquire the ancient Seramite scales from the depths of the tower.

By Any Means Necessary: 100 xp
Gain access to the portal and enter the lower levels of the tower.

My Scars Prove My Worth!: 100 xp
Defeat the Oorog shaman’s bodyguard in single combat.

Consult the Reference Librarian: 150 xp
Defeat the Shadebound Ritualist and his minions.

Hook, Knight & Cleaver: 200 xp
Defeat the deranged torturer and end Ser Reynald’s torment.

Finished Business: 400 xp
Defeat Magister Vorian Harkend, concluding Ser Reynald de Tier’s three century old mission.

Antiquing! (Pase 2): 100 xp
Acquire the Historia Ecclesiastica Septentrionalis Seramea – the book of Seramite holdings and writs – from the depths of the broken tower.

Media Mail (Phase 1): 100 xp
Retrieve the Corpus Illuminatus sum Herbaeum from the clutches of Vorian Harkend.



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